Who is Kapa Cat?

Kapa Cat Biography

Tumusiime Catherine Known professionally as Kapa Cat, is a Ugandan Dancehall Artist whose home town is Kampala. Born and raise in Kawanda. She first attracted attention with her first stage performance at the December 2018 Zina Beach Carnival for most awarded teens radio Galaxy fm. Became popular for performances before breaking through with my first single “Sikyo”.

From 2018 November to 2019 January she was known as the most booked rookie entertainer artist without a hit song performing at the biggest events in Uganda. Am signed under TAF MUSIC UGANDA since July 2018 doing genres – Afro Pop, Dancehall & Reggae.

My third single “Sikyo” under my debut album “TUKUBA PARTY” reached number one the top 100 charts in the Ugandan Community worldwide making me the youngest and most educated female musician in Uganda to ever breakthrough in such a short time

I must state that “I am the angel of free expression of true self. Plain-spoken, unreserved, earnest, sincere, truthful, unrestrained, open-hearted, free-spoken, over-board, candid and frank. In life, there is that part of us that just wants to be crazy without any worries affecting our reputation. With me, you feel there is an angel that gives you the infinite freedom to express yourself by all means.

In January 2020, I graduated with a Bachelors Arts in Library and Information Science at Makerere University Kampala under the 69th Congregation. 

Under my debut TUKUBA PARTY album, are singles like; Tukuba party, Come over, Nonsense, Sikyo, Kapa Ojimanyi, Pappaza, Am sorry, Understand ….

On 1st February, 2020, I released my second album “Nasanga Love” which is literally translated as “I found love”. This album has a total of nine love related songs and Nasanga Love comes first as the cover song followed by Gwomanyi, Murderer, Kasikonda, London town, and others….

In January 2020, the nominees for Hipipo Music Awards were announced revealing that i had been nominated in the Best Written Record 2019 category for my hit single “Sikyo”.

In the same month, was nominated as Famous Teens Female Artist and Famous Teens song of the year in the Famous Teens Awards. In the same month, was nominated as Famous Teens Female Artist and Famous Teens song of the year in the Famous Teens Awards

When asked about how she came up with Kapa Cat as stage name, Kapa Cat said in an interview with Gaetano and Lucky i the morning breakfast show on Capital FM 91.3, “my name is Catherine and short is is Cathy, shorter – cat and cat in the local language is kapa so for my fans I am Kapa and my uptown fans it stays cat hence the name Kapa Cat.” Comedy store’s Alex Muhangi’s called Kapa Cat a very creative lyricist but also savage and entertaining on stage performer.

David Lutalo a Ugandan Musician while on a TV interview explained that,

“Kapa Cat is a female breed with a strong and if that way, she will make a lot of money for so many years.”

The Daily Monitor a Ugandan Newspaper explains in an article as a well branded and creative artist in the industry.

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