I’m a magnet for uniqueness – Kapa Cat

New Kid: It is rare for an artiste who has been around for only a year to get a hit but Kapa Cat was one lucky girl last year. The Sikyo singer is among the artistes were hoped to watch out for in 2020. Isaac Ssejjombwe had a chat with her.

How long have you been in the music industry and what inspired you to join?

I have been doing music for one year now since I got signed under the label TAF Music Uganda. Despite having a degree in Library and Information Science from Makerere University, I decided to take on music because it is as paying as any other business if handled well. So, I chose to earn from my talent but with a qualification at the side.

Just under one year in the industry, you have managed to get a hit. What was Sikyo all about?

Sikyo, which in English means ‘Not So’, is a record I composed after using the word quite a lot. Being a factual lyricist, I wrote down most of the relevant facts surrounding the society we live in and that is how I came up with that beautiful tagline.

Some people say you are one of the skimpily dressed female artistes in Uganda. Does this bother you?

Dresscode critics have never bothered or affected my day to day life. My tattoo is my identity and the tops are determined by the weather — the more it gets hot, the less I throw on. It is just the tattoo opening on my thigh that keeps these special haters throwing little bombs at me.

By the way I have more than one tattoo and each of them was inspired by events and places I have travelled to. Each is unique to my musical journeys

You borrowed some lines from Bobi Wine’s Bad man from Kamwokya for your Nonsense. Did you get permission?

Bobi Wine is one of the so many great musicians this country has had and I only borrowed words of wisdom, say from a great book. I do not think when a pastor uses words from a Bible he is haunted by angels. Besides Nonsense, I have two albums; Tukuba Party with 11 recorded songs and Nasanga Love and I release my songs on Singles basis.

Where you affected by the recent directive by the President to suspend events?

Yes, who was not? I was scheduled to perform at The Eddy Kenzo Festival, Lira Masaka, Mbale, Mbarara, Kigungu, and many more bookings that were cancelled.

I, however, support the directive because we are a country with the most careless crowds and event organisers. So to be honest, until this calms down, I may only have to hold private shows.


My real name is Catherine Tumusiime and my stage name Kapa Cat is derived from my name Catherine (Cat) and when you translate that into Luganda, it is Kapa. So Kapa Cat. I am a Mutoro and the second born of four siblings. I am single and give love to whoever has kilos of love to give me. I am not searching, but rather single and mixing cocktails.


I am inspired by whatever is unique from whoever or wherever I have heard it, be it a big artiste or child. I am a magnet for uniqueness.

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