Everyone must have a fall-back plan… call it plan B

When I am not doing music, I am doing my side business of selling perfumes, which I was doing before even my music broke out. My business is called TCK and I started it during my third year at campus. This business was inspired by my strong love for nice scents. During my adolescent years, a boy told me that I had a bad odour, which I was unaware of, but since that time, I decided to be conscious in that area.

I started the business with my little savings of Shs 200,000/- which I used to buy 12 bottles of body splash, I mixed them and came up with a new blend of scents. I got overwhelming support from the start and I have not looked back since. My client base kept growing and with time they became loyal customers.
Business has been slow this season because my suppliers downtown are not working, so I have been depending on my available stock. My vision is to find a suitable location to put it up since I only deliver and then with time perhaps create my own label.

Courtesy Article: Sqoop

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